Data protection

Data protection is an important subject for adnologies GmbH. As a German company, we are committed to following the strict standards of the German data protection. These also include us willingly informing our customers and users of which data is being stored and in which way data is evaluated and processed:

HEIAS adserving technology uses so-called Cookies to control the display and delivery of advertisements. To this end, anonymized information is stored temporarily on the user’s computer and evaluated by the user’s browser. In this way, the HEIAS adserving technology can, amongst other things, control the advertising frequency, so-called frequency capping, which prevents the user continually seeing the same advertisement, or control the CPC user block, which prevents a user being shown a banner again that has already been clicked. In some cases, our customers use an additional module for retargeting, and in this case the cookie is used to record anonymized movement patterns and thus tailor the advertisement to the user’s interests. Users then receive advertising in which they will probably be interested. This function is similar to that of a large e-commerce company. You probably are aware of this principle from seeing “customers that bought this product also bought that product…”. This principle helps to improve advertising on the Internet for users.

What data is filed in a cookie by the HEIAS adserving technology? This consists exclusively of numerical IDs and so-called timestamps, which do not allow any personal references to be made. In addition, all information has an expiration date, mainly after a few minutes, hours or days, when the information is deleted automatically by the browser.

When working with cookies, adnologies GmbH uses the P3P standard of the Privacy Preferences Project, and always adheres strictly to current data protection directives in the development of HEIAS adserving technology.
All data is stored on servers in Germany and is thus protected from access under contrary laws.

As a responsible company, we also inform our customers of the relevance of the subject of data protection, and have contractual agreements with them and specific business terms that state our data protection regulations and that our explanatory work must not be circumvented but openly communicated and followed.

As a particular service, we offer each user the use of our so-called cookie opt-out. Users who select the cookie opt-out will no longer receive cookies from the HEIAS adserving technology and neither is it possible any longer to save movement data. Once the cookie opt-out has been made, this may affect the display of advertisements in such a way that advertisements no longer match user interests and advertisements are often shown sequentially, which may be perceived as pushy. A cookie opt-out does not prevent the display of advertisements.. More information on this subject can be found on our cookie opt-out page. .

Some customers also oblige adnologies GmbH to temporarily store IP addresses. This data is used in the short term for carrying out targeting (geographic targeting, B2B targeting) as well as for reporting and for statistical purposes. In this, adnologies GmbH is not able to allocate IP addresses to user data. It would be possible for an Internet service provider to create personal references from such data but so that this is avoided, adnologies does not make the saved data available to third parties, not even to the customers of adnologies.

Should you have any questions on the subject of data protection, please contact us by e-mail. Please use the information provided under Contact.

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